6 Mayıs 2013 Pazartesi

Tangled Tale of Red Mercury Fraud

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 May 2013)
Promising youth and seeking cash.

Muammer E. has a scrap iron company in Istanbul
and expressed an interest in finding 'red mercury',
a substance believed to have beneficial uses ranging
from making one 20 years younger to finding buried
treasure. However, up to now its existence has not even
been proven.

Salih L. and Hasrettin S. learned of Muammer E.'s
interest and came up with a plan to hoodwink the
businessman. They told Muammer E. that "we can
make a lot of money from this.", luring him into their
trap. They then got 250,000 USD from Muammer E.
for 250 grams of the material in a glass container that
they said they got from the Russians.

However, thinking that when Muammer E. had the
substance analyzed their game would be up, Salih L.
and Hasrettin S. said that they would bring in an 'expert'
and if the expert confirmed that the substance was red
mercury they could sell it for even more money. Muammer
E. agreed and 'expert' Adnan E. came to Hasrettin S.'s
house in Gaziosmanpasa.

While Adnan E. 'examined' the liquid Muammer E.
had purchased, faux policeman Vehbi E.G. and two others
'raided' the house, handcuffed and blindfolded Muammer
E., taking 1,800 TL from him in the process, and took
homeowner Hasrettin S. into custody, on the pretext that
"he had a revolver on him."

The next day Muammer E. and his son met with Hasrettin
S. in the Fatih Sehremini neighborhood. Hasrettin S. said
that he had spent the night in jail, that red mercury is a major
crime, that the police wanted 250,000 USD to return the
sample, 50,000 USD to destroy the record of the raid,
and 1 million dollars to provide security against another
police raid during the future sale of the substance.

After this discussion Muammer E. and his son realized they
had been duped so they went to the police and filed a complaint.
The suspects met with Muammer E. and his son on 22 March,
thinking that they would get the money then. However, the
real police captured them and took them into custody.  Vehbi
E.G., Adnan E., Hasrettin S. and Salih L. were charged with
crimes that call for between 15 and 34 years in prison.

Red mercury has supposedly found buyers paying 1 million
USD per kilo and it is believed to make a person 20 years
younger. It is also used for warheads and in oil and gas
extraction. Despite all these claims, though, its existence has
thus far never been proven.

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