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Principal Without Principles

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(Takvim Newspaper,25 May 2013)
Inmates' handiwork diverted.

In Meram, Konya, Ali O., the principal at
Ibrahim Hakki Konyali Elementary School
requested tables,chairs, and blackboards for
the school from the National Education
Directorate. In response, the Directorate had
the inmates at a prison build 150 tables and
chairs, along with 15 blackboards. Ali O. was then
provided with an official document so he could
pick up the furniture.

Yesterday, Ali O. rented a truck and went to the
prison to take receipt of the 20,000 TL worth of
goods. But instead of taking the chairs, tables and
blackboards to the school, he took them to a
junkyard, where he sold them all to Sakman O.
for 900 TL.

Police noticed the goods at the junkyard and took
Ali O., Sakman O. and truck driver Sabit Y. into
custody.  The teachers at the school said they thought
that Ali O. had not been able to get the furniture when
they saw him return to the school empty handed.

In court, Ali O. stated that he had left the furniture
at the junkyard because some screws were loose but
Sakman O. said that the principal sold him the goods.
The police had the furniture loaded on to a truck and
taken to the school.

Meram just south of Konya city.

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