20 Mayıs 2013 Pazartesi

This Gentleman Prefers Ducks

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 May 2013)

Father-in-law S.A. comforts  nameless victim.

The incident occurred in Fatih Sultan Mehmet neighborhood in Osmangazi district of
Bursa province. Son-in-law A.C. stands accused of raping the duck belonging to his
parents-in-law, D.A. and S.A., who say that when they saw feathers and blood on A.C.'s
bed they called police. The 50 year-old A.C., who has four children, was taken into custody.

The raped duck was brought to Uludag University Veternarian College, where its condition
is said to be serious. Father-in-law S.A. stated that "He came at night and insisted on sleeping
on the terrace so I left him there and went downstairs. In the morning there was blood and
feathers on the bed. When I opened the coop I saw that the duck was walking with difficulty.
I filed a complaint with the police, who took pictures of the coop and the duck."

After his statement was taken at the police station, A.C., who claimed he was the
victim of slander, was released.

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