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2 Turks 2 Sexy 4 U.S.

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 August 2012)

Alleged film buff Çerçioğlu and workplace

An assistant technician who was fired from her job at
a hospital in the U.S. because she couldn't work as the
result of an accident, has sued both the hospital and her
Turkish boss. Sandra Morris (37) was fired after working
for five years at the prestigious Mt. Sinai Hospital but
her lawsuit doesn't accuse the hospital or head technician
Ahmet Çerçioğlu (41) of anything regarding her dismissal.
Rather, the suit alleges ''racial remarks, degradation and
difficult working conditions''.

In her petition to the court, Morris makes some startling
charges against Çerçioğlu, alleging that he was concerned
with activties unrelated to heart by-pass and cardiologic
operations during those operations, although he was
responsible for the life-support units. For example,
Çerçioğlu continually chatted on his cellphone, sent
messages, watched pornographic films on his phone and
even showed them to Morris.

According to Morris, one of the hospital's surgeons, Ricardo
Lazala, left a patient with his chest open during an operation
to watch a porno film together with Çerçioğlu. Morris re-stated
her claims on NY channel WB11 TV, asserting that ''I caught
them a number of times. They didn't even try to hide it from
me. Sometimes they watched group sex, sometimes gay sex
films together. He was my boss so I couldn't say anything or
I'd have lost my job.''

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 August 2012)

Restless passenger Bawer A.

Another sleeping female passenger on a domestic flight in
the U.S. has been accosted. The attacker on the Phoenix-Newark
flight was alleged to be Turkish citizen Bawer A. (48).  The
day before yesterday a female passenger on a flight in Hawaii
was attacked.

According to the Associated Press (AP) report, the incident
occurred as follows: an unnamed woman on United Airlines
flight 306 claimed that the man sitting next to her had put his
hand inside her shirt and was was fondling her breast when
she awoke. The man's other hand was inside her shorts, she

It is alleged that Bawar A., who also has American citizenship,
was breathing heavily and wanted the woman to kiss him. The
woman complained to the cabin staff and Bawer A. was taken
into custody on the airplane. He was apprehended at Newark
Liberty International Airport by federal agents. In his initial
statement, Bawer A. admitted that he had touched the woman.

According to sources reached by Hürriyet, Bawer A.'s real name
is Hasan A. and years ago while he was a hotel manager in New
York he allegedly sexually accosted a job applicant. At that time, he
was charged in a lawsuit and fired from his job.

At the first hearing in this current case, Judge Mark Falk stated
that there would be another hearing to determine the details of
the case. After that he would make a decision about bail. Bawer
A. could face life imprisonment and a fine of 250,000 dollars.

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