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Great Escape: Cast System Fails

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(Hürriyet and Sözcü Newspapers, 29 August 2012)

Determined escape artist Adem Yıkılgan

In Sivas, Adem Yıkılgan (32), who has been sought by
police for months because of crimes that include four
robberies, two sexual harassments and one sexual assault,
was picked up in a coffee house the day before yesterday
thanks to a tip. Yıkılgan was brought to jail and arrested
but jumped from the third-floor window of the building
in an effort to escape. He broke bones in his heels as a
result of his fall and was taken to the hospital.

After having his heels placed in casts at the Medical Faculty,
Yıkılgan was again put back into the jail but since he wasn't
wearing handcuffs he was able to come up with another
plan to escape from the building, which is surrounded by an
iron fence. Yıkılgan removed one of the heel casts and at around
midnight he got up on a chair and crawled into the ceiling space.
He put a pillow in his bed so the guards wouldn't suspect

Yıkılgan moved through the ceiling space about 10 meters to
another area where he was able to remove the iron bars on
the window and escape yet again.

//ed. note: breaking news on 30 August indicates that Yıkılgan
was caught at the girls dormatory of the Higher Education Credit
and Dormatory Council about 200 meters away and put back
into Sivas Prison.//

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