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Tenth Crash Dooms Candy Store

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 August 2012)

Tenth crash one too many

Kenan Başak opened his pişmaniye (a kind of candy) store
in the Körfez neighborhood of Izmit years before but his life
became a nightmare five years ago when a side road was
opened in front of his store. Nine vehicles that couldn't
negotiate the curve there in the road, which is otherwise
straight, have crashed into his establishment.

One person died in an accident and many were injured but
there was a tenth crash the night before last. Abdülkerim
Demir (27) could not handle the notorious curve as he headed
from Izmit to Sakarya and crashed into the pişmaniye store.
Demir and his friend were injured as the store gave the look
of a war zone.

Store owner Kenan Başak has thrown in the towel. He said
that ''I'm fed up with fixing my store. I regret having opened
the pişmaniye store.''
//ed. note: ironically, the Turkish word for regret is 'pişman'//

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