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Stowaway Turkish Cat Emigrates to UK

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 August 2012)

Yonda: Stowaway from Turkey to England

A kitten that got itself into a truck in Ankara
to sleep was only able to get out in England.
The kitten, which is now looking for new owners,
was found by officials at an international trucking
company in Kent.  Evidently, it remained in the
back of the truck for nine days and traversed the
length of Europe.

The trucking firm officials named the kitten 'Yonda'
and are showing great interest in the frightened and
shy creature. Turkish and English workers at the
company collected 615 British Sterling (1800 TL)
for the care and feeding of Yonda. Currently, the
kitten is being held in quarantine at The Animall Inn,
an animal shelter.

Yonda receives shots and special meals each day.
The kitten will be sent to Cat Protection animal
shelter four months from now, to be with other
homeless cats. The hope is that a new family will
adopt Yonda and the kitten will live happily ever

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