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Embezzler's Name is Mud, Blames Wife

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 August 2012)

Akın Süslü, stuck in the mud

Akın Süslü, chief of the Bakırköy Train Station in Istanbul,
disappeared at the beginning of this year. At the request of
his wife, police began looking for him but it was as if the earth
had swallowed up the station chief. TCDD (Turkish Railways)
officials got involved and immediately becan checking the
station's cash box receipts, finding that 300,000 TL was missing
from the amount received for purchases of entry tokens.

The TCDD inspectors wrote a report based on their intensified
investigation, to the effect that Süslü had probably embezzeled the
300,000TL and fled. His co-workers at the station, however, declared
that ''we worked with him for eight years. Our chief wouldn't do such
a thing.'' Consequently, the investigation was broadened to include the
possibility that Süslü had been mugged but this track led nowhere.

Seven months later, police in Fethiye became suspicious of a dust-
coated vehicle with Istanbul license plates so they followed it. The
police found that the driver of the vehicle was spending money like
water but he was living in his car, rather than in a fancy hotel. Police
then checked the vehicle's registration and found that it belonged to
Süslü. It wasn't long before they also discovered that there was a
'missing person' alert out for Süslü and they also found a report on
the internet regarding Süslü's possible embezzelment and disappearance.

After connecting the dots, police took Süslü into custody following his
now-customary mud bath, which he was wont to take these days. Süslü
was brought to the Fethiye police station where he made the following
statement: ''I splurged with the money but I wasn't that kind of person.
Everything changed when I got married. My wife's obsession with luxury
brought me to this state.'' 

There was no money found in Süslü's car so police are looking in to
the possibility that the embezzled money may be hidden away someplace.

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