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Wonder Where Those Miles Went?

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 August 2012)

Smiling With Your Miles

Katre Günay (41) works as a salesperson in
the domestic lines office of Turkish Airlines (THY)
in Istanbul. A criminal case has been opened
against Günay for embezzeling 110,000 TL
and for purchasing tickets for herself and her
family with miles earned on the credit cards
of THY customers. She could get 12 years in prison.

Günay allegedly showed supposed customer tickets
as having been returned and she then embezzeled the
amount of the tickets. In her statement to the prosecutor
on 22 May, Günay stated that ''sometimes I leave my
computer on. Someone else must have done it.'' However,
at the first hearing the day before yesterday Günay
changed her statement and declared that ''I did it to
help a friend in financial distress.''

In the indictment it is alleged that Günay defrauded THY
in three ways:  she canceled tickets and bought them at
a lower price, pocketing the difference; she purchased
tickets for herself and friends using the bonus miles of
callers from who she obtained credit card information.
Günay then returned the miles after having arranged her
own tickets; and she canceled some tickets, showed
the money as having been refunded but the customers
never saw the return, only learning that their tickets
had been canceled when they showed up at the airport.

When THY's administration saw that all these problematic
operations had been done with Günay's password they
brought the case to the prosecutor.

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