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The Defintion of 'Gullible'

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'Hızır Aleyhisselam' Saffet Demir

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 August 2012)

Ersen G. (35), who runs a market in Konya,
purchased some material from the Bedestan
Çarşı and while he was putting his items in his
car Saffet Demir (45) came up to him. Demir
said to Ersen G. ''you are a chosen person. I'm
Hızır Aleyhisselam, the Prophet's representative.
I help poor children, You should too.'' Demir then
began praying.

First, Ersen G. gave Demir 10 TL but as Demir
continued to pray Ersen G. gave him another
300 TL. Demir kept on praying, which affected
Ersen G. to the point where he gave Demir another
400 TL. Demir responded by saying ''give a little
more.''  Passing by was a police team that became
interested in the dialogue going on between Demir
and Ersen G.

The police team began to follow the two. Ersen
G. told Demir that he had no more money on him
but that he could withdraw some from the bank.
They went to a nearby ATM and Ersen G. took
out 1,000 TL. While entering a workplace about 100
meters further on Ersen G. was about to give Demir
the 1,000 TL when police closed in.

Demir denied any criminal activity and told the
police in his statement that ''my child is sick. I
asked him for help and for money. When I told him
that my child was ill he gave me a lot more money.''
Demir has a record for fraud and was taken into

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