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Marina Del Mayhem

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 August 2012)

Wounded Aykut B. After Taking a Dip

At the Ataköy Marina in Istanbul, 35 year-old businessman
Bülent Ç. shot Aykut B. (3) on his luxury yacht after Aykut B.
had stabbed Bülent Ç. seven times. The incident occurred the
evening before last at 1900 at the Ataköy Marina. Bülent Ç.
was going to his boat with a friend and as he got out of his
Porsche vehicle he was confronted by Aykut B., from whom
Bülent Ç. had purchased an Audi vehicle some time ago.

Allegedly, Aykut B. demanded 6,000 TL owed to him by
Bülent Ç. The two began to argue and Aykut B. and three
friends beat the businessman. During the chaos Bülent Ç.
was stabbed seven times and managed to flee to the ORA
luxury yacht, moored in the S section of the marina. Bülent
Ç. grabbed a 7.65 mm gun he found in the yacht and shot
Aykut B., who was pursuing him, in the legs.

 Bülent Ç. and Aykut B. both fell wounded into the water
during their struggle and the nearby security guards called
the police and health teams, who took the two combatants
to hospitals close by. Police searched the yacht, finding empty
7.65 cartridges but not the gun. Frogmen from the Maritime
Office Directorate were called in and they found the gun in
the water. Police are continuing their investigation.

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