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Relative Safety Now for Reluctant Bride

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Ö.A. and T.G. in happier times

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 August 2012)

In Muğla's Fethiye district, 18 year-old Ö.A. and
28 year-old hotel worker T.G. got engaged four
months ago with both families' consent. However,
over the past month relations between the two cooled.
Ö.A. wanted to end the relationship and explained
this her fiance and the families. When this happened
members of both families got together and decided to
act so that the two would marry.

Firstly, the young girl was brought to a 'hoca' (witch
doctor) who could supposedly break spells. Nevertheless,
even after the 'hoca' read some charms and spewed breath,
Ö.A. did not relent from her decision to separate. At this
point, the families came up with an incredible plan: Ö.A.
was taken from her home in Bozyer village near Fethiye to
the home of T.G.'s aunt H.C. in Gökben village, where she
was met by T.G.'s father and other relatives.

When Ö.A. again refused to relent she was locked in the
bedroom of the house. Shortly thereafter, T.G. entered
the bedroom, attacked Ö.A. and tried to rape her over the
course of three hours, albeit unsuccessfully. Meanwhile,
T.G.'s father and relatives waited at the door and Ö. A.'s
parents remained at their own home awaiting news that
the marital union had been realized.

Ö.A. resisted T.G.'s advances for all this time and when T.G.
left the room for a moment she jumped out the window, boarded
a passing minibus and succeeded in reaching the Fethiye
Gendarmerie Command. After taking the young girl's statement,
the public prosecutor ordered that Ö.A.'s parents, fiance T.G.
and six of his relatives be taken into custody.

Ultimately, T.G. was charged with 'sexual assault' and 'imprisonment'.
His father N.G. (58), older brother Y.G. (33), older sister S.G. (35)
and her husband H.G. (40), aunt H.C. (58) and her son Ç.C. (34), along
with Ö.A.'s parents S.A. (43) and S.A. (44), were all charged with
'aiding and abetting rape'. They were all arrested and transported to
jails in Fethiye and Muğla.


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