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Only Good News From Giresun

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(Sabah Newspaper, 4 August 2012)

Giresun Governor Dursun Ali Şahin

Giresun Governor Dursun Ali Şahin criticized the
members of the national press who are stationed
in Giresun, during the opening of a hospital. Governor
Şahin does not want negative incidents that occur in
Giresun to be made known to the national press and he
said that he himself would pay reporters not to do this.

In his speech Governor Şahin admonished the press
''not to write about things that happen in Giresun that
would put the province in a bad light. Don't pass on
things that reflect poorly on Giresun to the general press.
Private things should remain private. For example, you
wrote that 'a body was transported via a broken-down
cable lift'. Was that a good thing to do? Perhaps you got
3 or 4 points or 400 or 500 TL for that. If you don't
write such things I'll give you the money. Don't write
negatively about Giresun to the rest of Turkey.''

Following his speech, the Governor's staffers came up
to him and warned him that ''Sir, the cameras are rolling,
it's live.''  In response, Governor Şahin lamented ''damn it,
caught again. Our people only think about these things
after the fact. If you had warned me ahead of time! The
same thing happened with the Giresunspor incident.
I had brought 3 or 4 football players but the press said
that becuaee of me the rascal players weren't playing and
just watching the games. Then the coach resigned.''

Afterwards members of the press were not permitted to
take any pictures.

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