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Playground and Kids Fly Into Black Sea

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 30 July 2012)

In Kastamonu's Çatalzeytin district, families
were enjoying themselves after the iftar meal
(meal ending the day's fasting during Ramazan)
at Fikret Çetin's Hisar Cafe, while children
started playing in the inflatable kiddie playground
alongside. However, a fierce sudden storm arose,
blowing the playground - and the kids inside of it -
into the Black Sea.

The cafe's electricity was cut during the storm, too.
Families who saw their children blown into the
sea along with the inflatable playground screamed.
Meanwhile, bystanders and cafe workers rushed
to the sea front to rescue the children. Esen Eylül
Demir (4), Enes Efe Demir (6), Yusuf Ziya Öztürk
(8) and Elif Çelik (5) were brought back to shore.
Yusuf Ziya had three broken bones in his legs and
arms and Esen Eylül's face was operated on.

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