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With Friends Like These...

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(Sabah Newspaper, 4 June 2013)
Plans to limit sarcasm henceforth.

Dursun B. (52), who lives in Bursa and who for some time
has been painting a hotel in Fistikli village of Armutlu district
in Yalova province, got a call from a friend who asked
"Where are you, did you find a treasure?". In response,
Dursun B. said (sarcastically) "yeah, I found a treasure,
that's why I'm painting a hotel in Fistikli."

The suspect, though, thought that Dursun B. had in fact
found a treasure and took five people with him to Fistikli.
It is alleged that the suspects shut Dursun B. up in a room in
the empty hotel, which had not yet opened for the season, and
tortured him so he would tell them where the gold or the money

Taking advantage of his sleeping 'friends', Dursun B. escaped
from the hotel by jumping from the second floor and found
refuge at the Armutlu Gendarmerie station. He told police that
the suspects had tortured him and threatened to kidnap his
children. Dursun B.said that "the beat me at the hotel. Then
they took me to the shore of  Iznik Lake and beat me some more
inside a container."

"We went to a soup shop and someone pressed a knife
against me under the table so I wouldn't say anything. There
they changed cars and took me to the Gemlik shore. While they
had tea, a person with a knife stayed with me in the car. Later
they took me to Gursa to find another of my friends who claimed
that I had hid gold. Then we went back to the hotel and they said
they had taken my kids to the mountains. They beat me with an
adze handle and shocked my legs with electricity, knocking me out."

"They got food and drinks from the hotel and found the keys so
they locked the entrance and the door to the room I was in. While
they slept I found the room key, quietly crept out and jumped from
the second story. I hid in a shack in the back. When the realized I'd
escaped and when they couldn't find me they left the hotel. That's
when I told the Gendarmerie about the situation and that they'd
kidnapped my kids."

While jumping from the second story, Dursun B. broke his foot and
subsequently got a doctor's note to exempt him from work for 28
days. His son Murat B. said that he had received a call in the morning
around 0630 from someone he didn't know, asking for a meeting.
Murat B. at first thought that the caller was a friend from work so
"I called the number back and asked who had called. The answering
party said that they wanted to talk with me about my brother. They
they showed up in front of the house in a white car and said that my
brother Emrah had harassed their niece. They said they'd come again
in the evening."

"When my father escaped from them and reached the Gendarmerie,
the police came to our house to see about us. I called my dad on the
phone but since the suspects had taken it there was no answer at
first and then it was turned off. Again I called the number of the person
who had called me and asked why they had beaten my father. They
were in a panic and said they weren't involved."

Dursun B.'s 'friends' N.D. and H.T., who had originally called him,
were taken into custody in Orhangazi. E.K. (39) and O.T. surrendered
at the Orhangazi police station and I.A., who was also involved in the
incident, was picked up in Izmit two days later.

'Friends' in Bursa may not be.


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