19 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

Black Paper Becomes Money

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 18 November 2012)
Science Fair project for profit.

In Istanbul, contractor N.U. (41) made a complaint
to police, saying that a person identifying himself
as a Camaroonian businessman had cheated him
out of 330,000 Euros. Police then conducted raids
in Umraniye, Fatih and Sisli and took six people,
one of them a Camaroonian woman, into custody.

The suspects claimed that because of the war going
on in their country the had smuggled money out in
the form of black paper but that by using a special
solution they could turn the black paper back into
money. The suspects duped their victims by showing
them a "machine" made of wood that uses electricity
and has a number of buttons. There are compartments
on the machine where the black paper is placed and
then turned into real money.

The suspects and a large amount of black paper
cut into the size of money, along with the so-called
"money machine" with the secret compartments,
were seized.

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