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Camera Too Candid

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 November 2012)
Cake's message doomed thieves...
...sometimes, when you least expect it...

In Bornova district of Izmir, T.Y.(17) and his friend
M.S.(17) stole two cameras from homes where they
had gone to install gas lines. As they tried to sell the
cameras at a flea market in Cankaya they were noticed
by plainclothes police acting as customers.

Police questioned the two youngsters and found that
M.S. had a record for robbery. Nevertheless, the two
claimed that they owned the cameras and were selling
them because they needed money urgently. But police
saw a picture of a birthday cake in one of the cameras,
shaped like the number one and carrying the message
"Our Dear One. So Wonderful You Were Born Nilda"

The name of the bakery where the cake was prepared
was in the picture too so police went there and discovered
that a resident of 100th Year neighborhood in Bornova
had ordered the cake and had also notified police about
the theft of the camera.

The two youngsters were brought in to Basmane Police
Station and confessed. T.Y. said that he worked with
his uncle putting in gas lines but that his uncle was unaware
of the thefts. The two were processed at the Children's
Bureau and taken to jail.

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