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Three Stooges Run Out of Gas

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 20 November 2012)
Vedat C. a.k.a. "Curly"

S.A. (46), a businesswoman who lives in Cankaya,
Ankara, began to wait yesterday morning at about
0500 in front of a shopping center for her girlfriend
so they could go to Istanbul.  At this time, Serdar T.
(25) approached S.A., identifying himself as a police
officer, and invited her to his car.

However, when S.A. resisted, Serdar T. and his friends
Gokhan C. (24) and Vedat C. (age unknown) took
S.A.'s car, handbag and telephone and fled.  Police
teams determined the descriptions of the suspects from
an ATM camera while they were trying to withdraw

When the suspects stopped to get gas for the stolen
car in Kirikkale they filled it with normal gas rather
than the necessary diesel fuel. The car broke down
so they sold it to repairman Mustafa Y. for 3,500 TL,
although the car is worth 30,000 TL. They also sold
the stolen telephone to Gokhan B. (no relation to
Gokhan C.) and pressed on to Kayseri.

After a 500 kilometer chase, police teams took the
suspects into custody in Pinarbasi district of Kayseri
and all three were arrested. In his police statement,
Serdar T. said that "we had gone to Istanbul for fun.
When we got back (to Ankara) we took some pills.
We saw the woman waiting there so early in the
morning by herself so we went up to her. We thought
she was a hooker and wanted to hire her but when
she started screaming we grabbed her car, phone and
handbag and took off".

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