29 Kasım 2012 Perşembe

Tables Turned on Turk in Ukraine

whoops links to original article and video

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 29 November 2012)

//ed. note: make sure to check out the video by clicking
on 'whoops' above//

A group of young fellows who aim to stop sex tourism
to Ukraine and call themselves by the name 'Defacto'
claim to have captured an unnamed Turkish 'John' as
their latest victim.

The Turk summoned what he thought was a call girl
to his hotel room but was surprised by the youths, who
roughed up the Turk, put a mask on his face, bound him
and paraded him on one of Kiev's busiest avenues
wearing a sign that read 'Stop Sex Tourism'.

Walking (if  reluctant) billboard.


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