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Tongue-cutting Teacher Doesn't Bluff

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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 November 2012)
Tonguetied Y.T.S., scissor-happy Ms. Celik

A hearing yesterday in the courthouse in Kirikkale
revealed an incident that occurred at the Kirikkale
Fine Arts and Sports High School last year on 19
October that is hard to believe. Nihan Ates Celik (35),
an English teacher at the school, threatened to cut
the hair of a girl whose hair was in disarray. The other
students, thinking this was a joke, started to chant
"cut it! cut it!".  This unnerved teacher Celik so much
that when she turned around she screamed at the first
student she saw, 9th grader Y.T.S. (15), saying "what
are you shouting about?! Instead of her, I'll cut your
tounge out!"

Celik grabbed a scissors from a student and told Y.T.S.
to stick out his tounge. Thinking his teacher was kidding,
Y.T.S. stuck out his tounge and Celik cut it. Y.T.S., who
boards at the school,  was forced by Celik to remain in
the class and swallowed his blood until class ended. Y.T.S.
stated that "I never once thought she would actually cut
my tongue. When I realized she had I was shocked. I
wanted to go to the bathroom but she wouldn't let me."

Y.T.S. told his parents by phone that evening what had
happened and his father Oguz S. and mother Ebru S.
came to the school right away to take their son to the
hospital. Y.T.S. had a two centimeter cut on his tongue
and his parents filed a complaint against Celik. Two
students testified that Celik had cut Y.T.S.'s tongue and
the teacher accepted this charge. The students noted that
the scissors was new and sharp.

After the incident the school's principal persuaded Y.T.S.'s
father not to file a complaint, in the school's interest. But
when Celik didn't even apologize, Oguz S. sought relief
in the courts, noting that "this kind of a person shouldn't
be in our schools. She's a disgrace to teachers." While the
case proceeds it has been requested that Celik's rights as
a state employee and as a citizen be suspended.

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