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"Good-looking Wife" Defense

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(Sozcu and Milliyet Newspapers, 7 November 2012)
Rape suspect and "evidence"

In September 2010 Murat Yesilova (58) went on the
field during the Samsun-Mersin football match in
Samsun and stabbed the coach of the Mersin team,
his brother Yuksel Yesilova (48). Murat claimed that
Yuksel had raped his daughter-in-law Y.A. and the case
was heard in court yesterday.

The prosecutor asked for a jail term for Murat for
wounding his brother. As for Yuksel, he asserted that
Murat's daughter-in-law Y.A. had fabricated the rape
charge. In his own defense, Yuksel showed the judge
pictures of Y.A. and his own wife, a former Romanian
beauty queen. Yuksel told the judge "would a guy with
a wife like mine look at a woman like her?"

Yuksel added that his older brother had slandered him
because he couldn't recover a debt.

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