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Fed Up With Thieves and Paperwork

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 November 2012)
Sign says "Nothing left to steal"

In Konya, a person whose house has been
robbed four times put up a sign on the second
floor of the house that reads "There's nothing
left to steal here. Please don't keep the police
busy for no good reason."

Mehmet Peker, who lives in Meram district
in the city of Konya, said that his house has
been robbed on four separate occasions, the
last time being during Kurban Bayrami (feast
of sacrifice) when thieves took the sheep to
be sacrificed.

Peker stated that "when this happened we
moved, along with my mother, to another
house. I put up the sign so the thieves don't
make the police come for no reason. Even
if a thief were to come there's nothing left
to steal."

Peker added that "when a robbery occurs
four police teams come and they each make
three sets of documents. I'm fed up with
signing these. I don't what to go through it

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