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This Guy Can't Get Arrested

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 November 2012)
Yagmurcu will get a 29th chance.

Gokhan Yagmurcu (56) was taken into custody in
Fatih, Istanbul, by police from the financial crimes
office in March while preparing false documents.
A search was conducted in his store, which had a
'For Rent' sign in the window, and hundreds of
false documents were found.

Yagmurcu claimed that all the documents and the
equipment to make them belonged to a friend.
Nevertheless, Yagmurcu was sent to Metris Prison
and stayed there for 4 months before being released.
Just six days ago the finance police got a tip that false
documents were being prepared in an office in Fatih
so they put the site under surveillance.

Police soon realized that this was a false document
operation because their good friend Yamurcu was
at the helm of the job. The day before yesterday police
raided the site and arrested Yamurcu for the 28th time.
During a search, false identity cards, diplomas, passports,
drivers licenses and other false documents were recovered,
along with the equipment to make such things.

Yagmurcu denied the charges. His documents were said
to command prices of between 500TL and 3,000TL. He
was charged with "counterfeitting official documents and
seals" and transported to the Istanbul State Prosecutor.
The Prosecutor's office asked the acting court to arrest
Yagmurcu but he was released pending trial.

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