23 Kasım 2012 Cuma

Catholic School Days Remembered

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 November 2012)

//ed.note: this item dedicated to Sister Theophane (7th Grade) and Brother Earnest (HS)//

Ain't misbehavin', they say

Third year students ın the Kazım Karabekir Industrial
Arts High School in the Yakutıye district of Erzurum
were allegedly put in a line and beaten by principal
Şerafettin Aydoğdu yesterday for misbehaving during class.
The students obtained reports from Palandöken State
Hospital attesting to their injuries after a check-up there.

The students claimed that 'a few fellows started to misbehave
after class had started and they got up and down during
class, disturbing things. The teacher tried to stop them
but to no avail so the principal was notified.  All the students
in the class were summoned to the principal's office. As the
principal talked to us he got upset at the attitude of the
unruly students and put us all in line and beat us.'

The students went to the police station with the reports
they got from the hospital and wanted to file a complaint
against the principal. However, their parents wouldn't allow
it, saying that since the students themselves admitted to
misbehaving in class they couldn't complain about the principal.

As for principal Aydoğdu, he told Sabah that 'they disrupted
the class and when they didn't pay any attention to their
teacher I was notified. So I summoned them to my office and
when I asked for an explanation they sassed me. I hit them
lightly on their backs and shoulders with my ruler. To say
I hit them with a bat is a lie. They're exaggerating the situation.
They're back in class and all ok. They wanted to make a big
deal out of it and skip out on class.'

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