16 Kasım 2012 Cuma

Ram Turns Lethal

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 November 2012)
Killer in custody.

In Bayiralan village of Cal district in Denizli, two
elderly cousins lost their lives when struck by blows
from the ram they were raising. Fatma Citak (76) and
her aunt's son Omer Deda (75) were bringing their
flock of sheep home after grazing when a hornless
ram in the flock attacked Citak. The ram knocked her
down and then continued to pummel her while on the

Deda ran to his cousin's aid but was similarly butted
by the ram and forced to the ground. The Ram kept
on butting the two aged cousins as Deda's wife and
neighbors rushed to calm the enraged ram, taking it
to the sheepfold. Citak and Deda were brought to a
hospital but could not be saved.

Until an inquiry is concluded the ram will remain
under watch in the sheepfold and cannot be brought
to slaughter.

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