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Wife-slasher Now Women's Rights Champ

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 November 2012)
Does a 180 on women's rights

In Usak, Tahsin Kucuksimavi stabbed his wife
of 37 years while he was drunk five years ago
but now he's become a champion of women's rights.

The 67 year-old Kucuksimavi, who is a farmer in
the village of Sukraniye, went home drunk five
years ago and his wife Munevver, sick and tired
of Tahsin's drunkenness, screamed 'why are you
drinking?!', which set off an argument between
the two. In his drunken state Tahsin lost control
and stabbed his 37-year wife a number of times.

Tahsin was tried for simple assault in Usak's 1st
Petty Crimes Court and was given a jail term that
was later converted to a 700 TL fine.

But now Tahsin was at the head of the line for the
'Say No to Violence Against Women' event held
in conjuction with the '25 November International
Struggle and Solidarity Day for the Fight Against
Violence Toward Women.'  Tahsin chanted slogans
with the others and said that 'I was very sorry after
I stabbed my wife. She's the mother of my four
children. If she had died what would I have done?
These days whenever I see a protest against violence
toward women I join in right away.'

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