26 Ocak 2013 Cumartesi

Attack Dogs Incentivize Race Champ

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(Takvim Newspaper, 24 January 2013)

Samet (192) adds high hurdles to his race repertoire

Fear of dogs won him first place. A fairy tale incident occurred
in Muğla. The "Inter-school Cross-country Race" was held
yesterday, with 195 contestants from 36 schools participating.
Water-soaked roads and street dogs gave the runners all they could

As the boy students competing in the 3,000 meter approached
to within 100 meters of the finish line two street dogs attacked
them. Barış Adsiz, who was leading the race until the attack, lost
his concentration and the lead when the dogs appeared and he
finished third. Tolga Töngül, however, sped up during the dogs'
attack and went from third place to second.

Samet Meşe was in second place when the attack happened but
he lept over the dogs and finished the final 100 meters
at light speed, coming in first. Samet (14), a student at Milas
Dörttepe Elementary School, said "I was so scared, I don't know
how I ran!"


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