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Call of Nature Foils Thieves' Getaway

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 January 2013)

In Fatih, Istanbul, police on patrol the night before
last arrested Hüseyin K.(19) in connection with a
robbery at a workplace. At the same time, police
got word that a train had hit a person at the
Kocamustafapaşa train station. The police then
went to the scene of the accident and noticed that
the two friends of the person injured in the train
accident were acting suspiciously.

Police looked into the situation a bit further and
found a computer and monitor nearby. It turned
out that these three individuals were friends of
Hüseyin K. and that they were planning to load
the goods onto the train illegally.

As for the train accident, Ali B. (17) said in his
statement that he was in the process of relieving
himself when the train approached and he couldn't
get out of the way in time.  Ali B. was taken to a
hospital, where his condition is said to be good.

Hüseyin K., arrested at the crime scene, and Doğan
Ş. (17) and Nurullah B. (17), arrested along with
the computer near the train station, were all taken
to the police station  for booking.

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