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Ecstatic Grandma Holds Cancer Cure

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(Sabah Newspaper, 21 January 2013)

Cancer cure heroine (!) A.K. with fellow scientist

Narcotics teams from the Bursa Police's Anti-Smuggling
and Organized Crime Bureau got a tip that a woman would
be bringing narcotic pills from Istanbul and went into action.
When police saw A.K.(70) alight from a bus at the Bursa
Intercity Bus Terminal they took the woman, who has a
record of offenses including one for "robbery with special
skill", into custody.

A.K. was found to be carrying 500 "ecstacy" pills but she
told police that "I didn't know they were narcotics. I was
taking them to a cancer patient. I thought the pills were
cancer medicine." In the statement she gave at the police
station A.K. stated that "Am I a gang leader? I was only
bringing the pills that were entrusted to me to a cancer

As the elderly woman was being transported to court she
screamed at journalists, saying "I thought it was cancer
medicine! How was I to know it was a narcotic?"   The
suspect was taken to the court on duty and then arrested
and jailed.

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