11 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Hugh Hefner Take Note

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 January 2013)

Hacı Yusuf Ç. (80) returned from Germany and settled
in Izmir. After losing his wife, he married Şenay Ç.(53)
last year. The elderly man was kidnapped on 12 December
by four people who stole 400TL from him and then threw
him out on the road. However, thanks to security cameras,
Gökhan B.(26) was arrested and confessed that he had agreed
with Şenay Ç. to kill Hacı Yusuf Ç. for 50,000TL but couldn't
bring himself to do it.

It turned out that Şenay Ç. arranged for a house for herself
and duped Hacı Yusuf Ç. into giving her power of attorney,
after which she withdrew 250,000TL from his account.
Şenay Ç. tried to kill Hacı Yusuf Ç. herself by putting narcotic
pills in his food, arranging an auto accident and electrocution.
When all her efforts failed, Şenay Ç. hired a hit-man. Seven
people were taken into custody in connection with the matter,
including Şenay Ç., her son and son-in-law.

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