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Kid Saved in Heroic Rescue

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 31 December 2012)
Kid cuddled after rescue by AKUT

For twenty days a young goat had been stranded
on rocks 130 meters above the Amintas rock
tombs in Fethiye district of Mugla province.
So the day before yesterday an AKUT (Turkey's
rescue squad) team began an operation to
reach the kid.

The 7-person team first scaled the 130 meter
cliff and after setting up a station, began to
descend 40 meters to where the kid was stuck.
Hearing about the operation, the kid's owners,
Kadir and Havana Ercomek, arrived at the scene.
Havana recognized her kid from afar and watched
the rescue effort with fear and excitement.

An AKUT member reached the kid after a 1.5
hour descent but was hindered by the bushes on
the rock. Finally, though, the kid's legs were
tied and it was lifted up in a net to safety. After
the operation, which could have been an action
movie, the AKUT team named the kid 'Karaoglan'
(a Turkish comic book character who 'lived' in
Central Asia during the reign of  Gengis Khan).

The weak and exhausted kid was delivered to
its owners, at last.

Fethiye district on the right.

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