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Turk Lothario Has Japanese Fetish

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(Posta Newspaper, 11 January 2013)

Ismail Y.(28) stands accused of duping two Japanese
women, who came to Istanbul as tourists, with promises of
marriage and he has been arrested by police. Ismail Y.
denied the charges but it turns out that he is married to
yet another Japanese woman.

Japanese tourist Y.O.(40) filed a complaint with the Istanbul
prosecutor, saying that she met Ismail Y. a year ago when he
was her tour guide and they became a couple. In her complaint,
Y.O. said that "he said he would marry me. He got 3 million
Japanese Yen from me during this period. Then he disappeared."
Based on the complaint, police picked up Ismail Y. in the
Sultanahmet section of Istanbul.

During questioning at the police station Ismail Y. denied the
accusations leveled against him and said that he and Y.O.
spent the 3 million Japanese Yen together. Nevertheless, another
Japanese tourist, Y.M., filed a separate complaint against Ismail
Y., claiming that he promised to marry her, took her to Ordu,
on the Black Sea coast, and in fact married her in a religious
ceremony there. Y.M. produced the relevant documents related
to the wedding and added that she gave Ismail Y. 115,000 TL
during this period.

At the Pickpockets and Fraud Bureau, Ismail Y. was again
interrogated and it was learned that he married a Japanese
citizen in 2004. Ismail Y. claimed that the woman is now
in Japan so he hasn't beeen able to divorce her.  Ismail Y.
was taken to jail after processing.

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