3 Ocak 2013 Perşembe

Hitchcock's Dream Comes True

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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 January 2013)
Tippi Hedren nowhere in sight...

In Sarkoy district of Tekirdag province, thousands
of starlings occupied rooves, trees and roads in the
town center, seemingly trying to keep New Year's
eve relvelers awake with their incessant chirping.
And the starlings flew from place to place by the
thousands, amazing the town's residents.

Ilyas Keklik (whose surname means "partridge")
of the Sarkoy Hunters and Marksmen Association
said that the starlings migrate on the same few days
each year. He added that "since the starlings fly as
a group, they cannot be legally hunted. They migrate
at the beginning of January and stay in our area for
about 15 days."

Sarkoy in yellow

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