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Microwave Oven Becomes Washer

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(Haberciler.com internet site, 16 January 2013)
Father of Invention

Nihat Avcilar (47) has run a coffee shop for years
in Lapseki district of Canakkale province. He told
a correspondant from Anadolu Ajansi (Anatolian
News Agency) that washing cups and glasses at
his shop is a separate job so he looked around for
a washing machine that would do the job. However,
he couldn't find one.

Avcilar said that "there are cup/glass washing
machines on the market but the price is about
3,000TL. We found this to be rather expensive.
After all, we're selling tea for 50 kurus (about 20
cents) per glass."  He noted that sometimes, when
the shop is busy, he has trouble keeping the cups/
glasses washed.

He added that "my friends and I began to think
about making such a machine ourselves. That's
when we made a cup/glass washing machine out
of a microwave oven. I put two valves under the
oven and two each on the top and the sides.  Then
I connected the oven to a water source. After placing
the cups and glasses on the grill inside the oven,
I open the valves and the cups and glasses get
thoroughly cleaned thanks to the pressured water."

Avcilar explained that Saturdays, in particular,
are very busy and he has had trouble serving his
customers tea. He stated that "we hired someone
to wash the cups/glasses but that's an added
expense and too much water gets wasted. I happy
with this new system I've come up with. I'm going
to develop it further. Our microwave oven has
become a micro cup/glass washing machine."

Lapseki at north end of Dardanelles

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