30 Ocak 2013 Çarşamba

Overpass Staircase Gone Missing

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 30 January 2013)
Don't jump!

An overpass that went into service two years
ago in the Esentepe neighborhood of Eleskirt
district on the E-80 highway that connects
Agri and Erzurum provinces, was removed
because of road expansion being implemented
by the Highways Department. But once the
expansion was completed the overpass steps
weren't put back. 

Three months later, the staircase has still not
been re-installed and the situation is creating a
reaction. Saban Birdal, who lost his son in a traffic
accident, said that "as a broken-hearted father whose
son died in a traffic accident here three months ago,
I have to ask 'what are you waiting for?' Do more
children have to die for the overpass to be completed?"

The Eleskirt district chief, Hakan Ezgi, asserted that
letters have been sent to the concerned offices to get
the bridge completed. Acting Mayor Mustafa Gokturk
lamented that "although we've written to the Highways
Department time and time again we're being ignored."

Eleskirt way out east.

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