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Picasso, Football and Elazığ

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 22 January 2013)

Now showing in Elazığ, of all places.

Four people who wanted to sell a painting supposedly
belonging to Spanish painter Pablo Picasso have been
arrested. The Gendarmerie, acting on a tip, stopped a
vehicle carrying four people, en route from Malatya to

In the ensuing search, the Gendarmerie seized the painting,
which portrays poverty and hunger related to the 'Harlequin
Family'. The work was done by Picasso in 1905 and has been
in the Washington Lulian Eisenstein collection. The four suspects,
who aimed to sell the work for 10 million dollars, have been
taken into custody. In order to determine whether the painting
is original or not, it has been sent to the Elazığ Museum Directorate.


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(Sabah Newspaper, 29 January 2013)

Footballer Bilica, Sibel O. and "Vet" Aydoğan K.

The villa of Elazığspor's Brazilian football player Fabio Bilica
in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, was the scene of an unusual robbery
incident. Allegedly, as Bilica was leaving for Elazığ he told the
security guard, with whom he left the house keys, that a veterinarian
would be coming to the house.

Suspect Aydoğan K. somehow learned about this key arrangement
and, passing himself off as a veterinarian, got the keys from the security
guard. Aydoğan K. then summoned his girlfriend Sibel O. to the villa
for four days of partying, after which he loaded 750,000 TL worth of
Bilica's belongings into a minibus and took off.

Based on security camera videos, Aydoğan K. was quickly identified
and arrested. Also taken into custody by Büyükçekmece police was
the taxi driver who took the minibus driver, Aydoğan K. and Sibel O.
to a house in Bağcılar, Istanbul. According to the taxi driver's statement,
Aydoğan K. didn't have any money to pay him for the fare so he gave
the driver what he claimed were Bilica's football cleats instead. The
taxi driver asked police to return the cleats to Bilica.

Elazığ - smack in the middle of nowhere.

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