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Everyone Wants a Sharp Massage But...

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 January 2013)

In the Ahmediye neighborhood of Üsküdar, Istanbul,
Ismail Acılar (47), who works as a tea man at a
horse racing outlet, asked Ali Kırtak (21), a customer
who came to the outlet together with Acılar ten minutes
earlier, to give him a massage.

Kırtak then began to massage Acılar, the married father
of two, who sat in a chair. However, as seen in security
camera footage, Kırtak took out a knife and began to stab
Acılar repeatedly in the neck. Half of the knife broke off
but the part that stuck in Acılar caused damage to his

Kırtak fled but was captured by police. As for Acılar,
he was taken to Siyami Ersek Heart and Vein Surgical
Training and Research Hospital for treatment. In his
statement given at the police station, Kırtak claimed that
Acılar had made an improper advance toward him.

Kırtak had come to Istanbul from Aydın, where he worked
in a coffee house, four days ago. After processing at the
police station he was taken to jail.

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