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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 23 January 2013)

Movie Star looks - Nihat can play himself in the film.

Medine (28) and coffee shop operator Nihat Özkan (32)
married in Sarıkamış district of Kars province and they
have two children. However, Medine disappeared about
a year ago. When Nihat learned that Medine had run off
with his sister's husband Mehmet Boztoprak (32), the
father of two, he began to search for them province by

Through a friend Nihat learned that his wife and brother-
in-law were living at an address in Kulu district of Konya
province. So he took his co-worker Ismail Yaman with
him and went to Kulu on Sunday, 20 January. Nihat broke
down the door there and first shot his wife twice in the head.
He next pointed his gun at Boztoprak but the gun jammed
and Boztoprak fled to the garden. Nihat caught him there
and stabbed Boztoprak numerous times. Nihat and Yaman
then ran away.

Medine died at the scene but Boztoprak, despite having
30 stab wounds, was able to leave the house and seek help.
Boztoprak identified his killer with his dying breath and
died at Kulu State Hospital. Police looked at surveillance
video and discovered that the car Nihat had escaped in
was last seen on the Ankara highway.

A special team from the Konya police found out that
Nihat had a relative living in Eskişehir so the team went
there, finding Nihat preparing to leave the country. The
night before last Nihat and Yaman were taken into custody
at Nihat's relative's farm.

In his statement to police Nihat said that "I've saved my
honor. A big burden has been lifted from me. I stabbed
Boztoprak so many times I figured he was dead. I later
read in the paper that he had survived a bit before dying."

Sarıkamış in Kars Province

Kulu (bottom) is in Konya province but closer to Ankara

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