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Ancient Treasure, Relentless Hunter

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(Sabah Newspaper, 25 May 2012)

Treasure hunter Turan Gögerçin has been searching for
the treasure of the Crimean Kingdom in Giresun for four
years but after spending 500,000 TL his money is used up.
Nevertheless, he says hopefully that 'if I find another
100,000 TL I'll reach the treasure.'

Gögerçin has spent 500,000TL over four years with the
dream of finding 90 tons of gold in a valley where he claims
the Crimean Kingdom held sway 3,400 years ago. Gögerçin's
excavation, for which he has official permission, has reached
a point 60 meters deep and he's found some historical items
in the process. But he's had to take a break in excavating since
his money ran out. Undaunted, he said that 'there's definitely
a treasure there. I need 100,000 TL more.'

Gögerçin (47), of Giresun, is a bonafide treasure hunter, having
excavated with permission in various places in Turkey over the
past 20 years. He has always found the treasure he sought. His
latest effort is centered in the 2,100 meter-high Bektaş Valley in
Bulancak district, where he started work four years ago. Based
on maps, Gögerçin started his effort with a special 17-person
team in this area which he asserts was ruled by the Crimean
Kingdom 3,400 years ago.

Gögerçin claims that there are two hollows in a rock at the
uppermost point of the valley where footprints indicate the
entrance to an underground city. Here he has set up a mobile
compressor, a generator, a make-shift elevator and a drill.
At the excavation Gögerçin first found what he claims is he
guard tower for the tunnel and he has removed the dirt and
rocks from the spot. He also claims to have found torches
made from cut rock that were used to light the tower.

Every year Gögerçin continues his work by renewing his permit
and under the watch of the Gendarmerie. The first year he reached
14 meters, the second 25 meters, the third 38 meters and 60
meters in the fourth year, spending 500,000 TL in the process.
Not having found the treasure and out of money, Gögerçin had
put a steel fence around the area for now. He says 'there's an
untouched civilization underground. We will do an important job.
The civilization will attract tourism to the region.'

Continuing, Gögerçin stated that 'My money's gone. I need
100,000 TL. When I find the money I'll resume the excavation.'
With regard to rumors that the treasure contains 90 tons of gold,
Gögerçin said only that 'the amount is large.'  He claimed as well
that the graves of 3,600 slaves are in the search area.

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