24 Mayıs 2012 Perşembe

Brawl-ready Family at Airport

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 May 2012)

Police stopped a car in front of the arrivals terminal at
Atatürk Airport in Istanbul because the car had brushed
against two women walking in the pedestrian crosswalk.
The people in the car then attacked the police when they
tried to cite the driver for using a vehicle in a dangerous
manner. Relatives Hakan S., Şerafettin A., Murat A.,
Serhat A. and Şemsettin A, set upon policemen H.Ö.and

According to the statement of an eye witness, one of the
five people in the car asserted that 'I'm a soldier! You
can't search me! You can't ask me such questions!' Police
reinforcements arrived at the scene and overwhelmed the
attackers.  The injured policemen, one with a gash in his
eyebrow and blood streaming down his face, were taken
to the hospital. The attackers were taken into custody.
It was determined that one of the attackers had been
discharged from the military a short while ago.

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