8 Mayıs 2012 Salı

Runaway Bride Out East

runaway links to video and original article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 7 May 2012)

A father and son who kidnapped a girl from Ağrı and took
her to Erzurum by car ignored police warnings to stop. They
were finally apprehended at a barricade set up by police
holding rifles and wearing bullet-proof vests at the entrance
to Aşkale (west of Erzurum).

Mehmet K.(44), his son Mesut K.(21) and Zübeyde I.(20)
emerged from the car. During the interrogation of the father
and son it was determined that they are being sought for
robbery charges. Mehmet K. and his son Mesut K., who
said he loves Zübeyde I., confessed to abducting the girl
from Tutak district in Ağrı and taking her to Erzurum. All
three were taken into custody by police.

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