16 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

Bar Ban for Would-be Doctor-basher

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 May 2012)

Zübeyde D. went to the Kilyos Family Health Center in
Sarıyer, Istanbul, and asked the doctor who examined her,
Dr. Faruk Kılıçer, to write a prescription for her sibling
who has cancer. Dr. Kılıçer refused, saying that he could
only give a prescription to the sibling in person.

The next day Zübeyda D. came to the clinic with her
neighbor Güral B. (46) who threatened  Dr. Kılıçer and
shouted 'why didn't you write a prescription for Zübeyda?!'
As Güral B. raised his arm to strike the Doctor bystanders
intervened to prevent him from doing so. Dr. Kılıçer filed
a complaint and a case was opened against Güral B. for
the crime of 'attempting to harm a public servant'.

In his statement to the court, Güral B. explained that he
had gone to the clinic based on his neighbor's request but
the doctor had chased him away. Güral B. claimed he was
innocent and asked to be aquitted. Nevertheless, the court
gave Güral B. a jail sentence of 2 months 15 days for the
crime of intent to harm.

However, citing Güral B.'s social and economic situation,
his regretfulness and the other aspects of the crime, the
penalty was changed to 'a ban on entering bars for three

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