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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 20 May 2012)

In Çarşamba, Samsun, on 13 May 2002 villagers found
the body of a man on his knees, slumped against a
barbed wire fence along the side of the road. It was
determined that the man, who had been shot eight times,
was Mümin Ufuk Bilgin (30). Statements were taken
from people who knew Bilgin, including his father
Selahattin Bilgin (66) and his brothers Necaattin Bilgin
(47) and Mustafa Bilgin (37). However, the killers were
not found and the case was put on the shelf.

A special team in the Samsun Security Directorate was
set up and the case reopened upon the instructions of
the public prosecutor. The team examined the background
and took statements from soldiers who had been on duty
at that time, since the incident took place in a Gendarmerie
area.  On soldier said that on the day of the incident he had
seen Mümin Ufuk Bilgin lying on the back seat of a car in
which his brothers were also riding. Based on this develop-
ment, the homes of Bilgin's father and brothers were
searched and the diary of Necaattin Bilgin's wife Fatma (42)
was found.

Fatma Bilgin had begun to keep a diary three years after
the murder and it turned out that she wrote about the crime.
Fatma Bigin was relating in her diary that her husband
Necaattin Bilgin and his brother Mustafa Bilgin had carried
out the murder at the behest of their father Selahattin Bilgin.
The three denied the charges but were taken into custody.

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