5 Mayıs 2012 Cumartesi

Oscar-worthy Trick Nets Cows

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 May 2012)

In Kayseri, Hüseyin O., Mehmet O., Sabri O. and
Selahettin S. buried a earthenware pot, within which
they put a phony Oscar statuette, in the garden of
livestock feeder Mustafa Daş. A few days later they
came to Daş and told him that there was buried treasure
in his garden.

These individuals succeeded in fooling the farmer, dug
up the garden and 'found' the earthenware pot they had
previously buried. They then convinced Daş that they
would take the Oscar statuette that emerged from the
earthenware pot to Switzerland and sell it but that
they needed expense money for this undertaking.

The four suspects took four cows from Daş but left
the Oscar statuette with him. They then disappeared.
Daş realized he had been hoodwinked an called police.
Two of the suspects have been caught and the cows
returned to Daş.

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