16 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

Primate's Plum Passion

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 May 2012)

In Kahramanmaraş, the only private zoo in the city belongs
to a businessman by the name of Kazım Sezal. Anyone who
sees the plum obsession of the monkey born there 18 months
ago has to be amazed.

Sezal explained the story about the monkey, named Nazlı,
who eats only plums this way: 'one weekend she was acting
very rambunctiously. For a few days she hadn't eaten anything
we put in front of her, including bananas. When our veterinarian
checked her out he couldn't find a problem. We were at a loss
about what to do. But one day she saw a plum in the hand of a
visitor who was coming in from the garden. Nazlı just about
snapped from her leash with excitement and tried to grab the
plum. When we saw this we gave her plums right away.
Since that day a month ago she's been eating a kilogram of
plums each day. Fortunately, a kilo of plums is cheap.'


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