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Fantasy Forest of Revenge

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 16 May 2012)

In Samsun, M.D. (28) began living by herself
after getting divorced but she was subjected
to verbal harrassment and gossip by Durmuş K.
(33). M.D. got Durmuş K.  to come to a forested
area by fooling him, saying 'I'll have relations with
you but let's do a little fantasy.'

M.D. took off Durmuş K.'s clothes and tied him
to a tree on the pretext of fantasy. After tying his
arms with his shirt and his legs with his pants,
M.D. took out a knife from her purse and cut
lines on Durmuş K.'s body and forehead. She also
took photographs of his half-naked body and said
'I'll send these to seven families and scandalize you.'

M.D. then left the forest and called Durmuş K.'s
friends, told them where he was and suggested
they 'come and get your shameless friend.' The
friends notified police who subsequently found
Durmuş K. bound to the tree and half-naked.
M.D. was taken into custody for kidnapping,
injuring and blackmail but she filed a complaint
against Durmuş K. who was taken into custody
for sexual harrassment.

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