18 Mayıs 2012 Cuma

The 'Gentleman' Prefers Pepper Spray

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 May 2012)

In Eskişehir, a 20 year-old youth used pepper spray on
passengers during a seating dispute and then fled. Allegedly,
a group of women boarded the Otogar-SSK line tram at the
Eskişehir Municipality stop and while sitting down asked
the youth to give up his seat. He wouldn't and when the
women insisted he got upset, pulled out the pepper spray
and sprayed it at the women.

The youth got off at the next stop and disappeared on
Hamamyolu Boulevard. Quite a few passengers were
affected by the pepper spray and they got off the tram,
too. Some passengers even passed out so 112 emergency
teams were called to the scene. Those affected were treated
and tram operations were disrupted. Police are looking for
the attacker based on a description from passengers.

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