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Imams Entertained, Then Entrapped

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 May 2012)

In Fatih, Istanbul, some individuals stripped two imams at
gunpoint and took pictures of the imams with women. They
then beat the imams and had them sign a 10,000 TL
promisory note under threat of blackmail.

Subsequently, a case was filed against nine persons, two of
them women, asking for sentences of 70 years each. According
to the indictment, Imam Ramazan Y., who serves at a mosque
in Fatih and lives in quarters there, presided over the marriage
of one Zehra Y. a while ago and made her acquaintance. Last
month Zehra Y. and her friend Yeliz T. went to Ramazan Y.'s
house under the pretext of cleaning it. Concurrently, Ramazan
Y. summoned Adem B., an imam from another mosque, to his

While the two imams were sitting (!) with the women six
people raided the house and one of them, Cahit I., put a
blank gun to the head of Ramazan Y. and declared 'you're
engaging in prostitution with these women!'

Three blank guns were seized from the home of Cahit I.
and eight of the suspects were arrested by the court.

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