5 Mayıs 2012 Cumartesi

Fellow Gets Fresh, Stabbed, Drunk

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 May 2012)

In Balıkesir's Bandırma district, Erhan B.(35)  went to
the home of his girlfriend Yonca Nur G. (30) the night
before last and paid the price for getting fresh with her
by being stabbed. Reportedly, the young couple at first
watched TV but a bit later Erhan B. started to get fresh
with his girlfriend. Yonca Nur G. warned him to stop and
when Erhan B. didn't she plunged a fruit knife into his

Erhan B. then left the house, went to a bar and started
to drink. As Erhan B.'s condition worsened the waiters
noticed blood on his shirt and called 112 Emergency
Services and the police.  Erhan B. was treated and
explained that his girlfriend had stabbed him. Yonca Nur
G. was taken into custody but when Erhan B. declined
to file a complaint against her she was released pending

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