30 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

No Luck With the Ladies

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 May 2012)

In Antalya, Ali Yılmaz (60), who sells second-hand women's
clothes in the markets, appealed to the public prosecutor,
claiming he had been defrauded. Yılmaz, who is married and
has five children, stated that two weeks ago a women named
E.S. (30) came up to him, saying she felt feint, and asked for
his help. E.S. told Yılmaz that 'my son's in a home and my
husband is disabled. I'm looking for a job and someplace to

Yılmaz explained that he gave E.S. a job because she has
diabetes. He added that he rented a house for E.S. in Kepez
and spent 50,000TL on her but that 'in exchange she justed
flirted with me.' Yılmaz claimed that E.S. loaded up all the
things in the house one day and fled.

It has been learned that Yılmaz was an independent candidate
for parliament from Antalya. He lamented that 'even my wife
didn't vote for me in the election. The only vote I got was the
one I gave myself.'

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